Landfill Projects Ltd are firmly established as the UK’s leading Landfill Contractors
  • We work with all the major UK Waste Operators and have the resources to complete projects of any size or complexity
  • We regularly assist clients encountering leachate or odour compliance issues
  • Our experienced engineers can attend site within 24hrs of your call if a crisis should occur
  • We do not charge for advisory services
  • We have successfully completed generation feasibility projects in Africa and Asia.

Please contact our expert team to discuss your Landfill requirements
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  • Landfill Remediation Projects

  • Landfill Gas Extraction infrastructures

  • Ring Mains

  • Gas Extraction Pin/Micro Wells

  • Leachate Compliance assistance (Environment Agency)

  • Geomembrane Liner & Landfill Cell Capping

  • Landfill Cell Drainage and Under-cell Drainage

  • Leachate Control and recirculation systems

  • Leachate Monitoring systems

  • Pneumatic & Electrical Leachate Pumping Systems

  • Exchange & Service of Air Pumps

  • De-silting of Leachate Wells

  • Down-well CCTV Camera Surveys

  • Butt Fusion and Electrofusion welding (all diameters of pipe)

  • Litter-netting

We also supply High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Fabrications which are manufactured to specification by our workshop.

Typical examples include:-
  • Manifolds
  • Wellheads
  • Knockout Pots (KOP)
  • HDPE Well Enclosures/Chambers
Further applications include:-
  • Welding of large diameter pipe
  • Geothermal projects involving design, implementation and testing of the system

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