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Methane Stripping Plant, Doncaster

Methane Stripping Plant, Doncaster Another innovative methane stripping plant installation utilizing existing leachate holding tanks, enabling the stripping out of methane within the raw [...]

GCL Installation, Albion, Derbyshire

GCL Installation, Albion, Derbyshire Landfill Projects were commissioned by G A Smith to complete the installation of 27,000m² Geosynthetic Clay Liner at Albion Landfill [...]

Concrete Shaft Remediation, Coventry

Concrete Shaft Remediation, Coventry Due to settlement of the Landfill, previously installed Boot Details had become torn, resulting in Oxygen ingress. We excavated around [...]

Landfill Remediation, Loughborough

Landfill Remediation, Loughborough Landfill Projects were contracted by Veolia to complete remediation works to Mount Sorrell Landfill Site, Loughborough, comprising:- Decommissioning and [...]

Cell Drainage System, Rugby

Cell Drainage System, Rugby We were requested by our client Sapphire Energy Recovery to complete the final stages of a Cell Drainage system at [...]

Artificial Grass installation, Stafford

Artificial Grass installation, Stafford Supply & Installation of Artificial Grass to roundabout at Beaconfield Business Park, Stafford. Works completed on behalf of our client Ashlea [...]

Soft Landscaping, Bury Hospice

Soft Landscaping, Bury Hospice Soft Landscaping works undertaken to create a safe and aesthetically pleasing Hospice Grounds environment in accordance with our client’s design and [...]

Demolition Project, Lancashire

Demolition Project, Lancashire We were commissioned to demolish disused office buildings and a brick-built storage building (6m height), to include removal of all waste [...]

Leachate Contract, South Wales

Leachate Contract, South WalesWe were tasked in 2012 to reduce Leachate levels in wells to within compliance levels, and maintain required leachate flow rate to [...]

Geothermal Project, Leicester

Geothermal Project, Leicester We undertook this Renewable Heating project for our client ISO Energy Ltd from the concept and detail of the design through to [...]