Project Description

Blaguegate – Flexible Generation Plant Construction

Landfill Projects were contracted by Ylem Energy to construct the flexible generation plant compound at Blaguegate, Skelmersdale. Works comprised of:-

  • Excavation, separation and removal of contaminated arisings
  • Construction of bespoke concrete plinths, and bespoke concrete forms to house wooden sleepers in order to accommodate the natural-gas-fuelled generators.
  • Installation of foundations and concrete works for an electric substation – to Electricity North West specification.
  • Installation of bespoke concrete pads and concrete pad extension works.
  • Assisting gas main and electrical contractors in trench work installation.
  • Full installation of buried ducting to specification.
  • Importing materials to reinstate the compound to existing / final ground level – including sand, gravel, concrete, MOT, road planings.
  • Installing motorway barrier, palisade, v-mesh and wooden fencing to secure various aspects of the compound.

The completed facility comprises of six natural-gas-fuelled generators that can produce a combined output of 6.6MWe. This fast-responding flexible power is essential to help balance the national grid during times of peak demand, especially when the output from fluctuating renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power is low.