Project Description

Leachate System Improvement Works, South East Scotland

Landfill Projects successfully completed leachate system improvement works at a landfill site in the South East of Scotland. Works involved both leachate and MEICA works;

• Removal of the existing temporary Leachate Extraction System Pipework and air pumps

• Stockpiling of redundant unusable pipework

• Installation of a new buried Leachate Extraction System in service trenches, including 800m of 90mm leachate main, 3000m of 63mm leachate collector lines, 6000m of ducting, draw pits, rodding points and flow meter boxes.

• Supply and install of electrical pumps to 17no. wells

• Construction of 3no. road crossings

• Supply, design and install leachate lagoon access platform to existing steps.

  • Connection and integration of the existing leachate re-circulation points into the new leachate extraction system
  • Design and installation of a new remotely controlled MEICA system to monitor and control the leachate field