Project Description

Leachate Tank Installation Works, Lincolnshire, England

Landfill Projects successfully completed the re-configuration of tank pipework, leachate lines and leachate manifolds at a landfill site in Lincolnshire, England. Eboxx controller and level sensors were installed to improve the control and monitoring of the tank and field leachate. The automated system allows remote monitoring and control of the leachate system;

  • Installation of 1200m of leachate discharge line
  • Installation of 24no. leachate wells into 2no. serviceable leachate manifolds, including flow control.
  • Installation of leachate tank main line to leachate tank inlet, via bespoke fabricated pipework and tank lids. Lids also inclusive of housing MEICA items.
  • Installation of leachate tank outlet including tank extraction point, bespoke drip tray and lockable valve box.