Project Description

Odour Control Project, Lancashire (Phase 1)

Following installation of a Gas Collection System for the site’s Gas Operators, we were requested to provide assistance with odour control issues encountered by our client as a result of  an aggressive H²s outbreak.
We conducted an assessment of the source and  current extent of the odour and the need for further Gas Collection Systems and Lining Systems.
We developed a plan for Gas Collection, Leachate Management and Odour containment, with the final design taking into account surface water management. We worked alongside our client’s Environmental Consultants, who submitted the design to the Environment Agency to gain approval.
We were instructed to proceed with implementing the agreed measures without delay.  Project duration was approximately two months, during which highly adverse weather conditions presented us with significant challenges with regard to installation of the lining system.

The project included:-

  • 8000m² of Ground Preparation
  • 8000m² of 100mm Sand-bed preparation
  • 8000m² 1mm LLDPE Liner supply & install
  • Construction of Surface Water Lagoon
  • 800m Gas Scavenger pipework
  • Pin/Micro Well boundary collecting / containment system
  • Design & Installation of Leachate Pumping system

Our client’s priority was to ensure effective containment measures in the shortest timescale possible, to minimise distress caused to local residents by the H²s odour. As contractors, we deployed significant resources to progress the works as quickly as possible, including weekend working.

As a result of our client’s satisfaction with the services provided, we are delighted to have been recommended for similar projects for other clients.