Project Description

Rising Pumping Main, Skelmersdale, Lancashire

Landfill Projects have successfully installed a rising pumping main to enable the control of water levels in a lagoon whilst ensuring discharge to sewer limits and regulations are adhered to.

The system comprises of an 800m pumping main, of which 700m is trenched, and the remaining 100m is lagged with insulation. Trenches were dug and pipe bedding / surround installed for the pumping main pipework, along with detectable marker tape.

The pumps were set up on individual floating pontoons to target the deepest area of the lagoon and also allow the control of flow and ensure back up capacity to pump if any problems should occur.

The system has been set up to automatically pump to sewer until a daily specified discharge limit is met within a 24hr period. When the discharge limit is met the system stops pumping until the next discharge period starts.