Leachate System Improvement Works, South East Scotland


Leachate System Improvement Works, South East Scotland Landfill Projects successfully completed leachate system improvement works at a landfill site in the South East of Scotland. Works involved both leachate and MEICA works; • Removal of the existing temporary Leachate Extraction System Pipework and air pumps • Stockpiling of redundant unusable pipework • Installation [...]

Methane Stripping Plant, Doncaster


Methane Stripping Plant, Doncaster Another innovative methane stripping plant installation utilizing existing leachate holding tanks, enabling the stripping out of methane within the raw leachate. The use of telemetry and automated control units was also installed to ensure control of the leachate within the landfill body, effective treatment and permit compliance on volume discharged. [...]

GCL Installation, Albion, Derbyshire


GCL Installation, Albion, Derbyshire Landfill Projects were commissioned by G A Smith to complete the installation of 27,000m² Geosynthetic Clay Liner at Albion Landfill Site. Due to the time of year, the works were scheduled intermittently to coincide with favourable weather conditions.  Our highly experienced Lining Division worked closely with our client to ensure [...]

Reinforced Concrete Shaft Raises, East Lancashire


Reinforced Concrete Shaft Raises, East Lancashire We designed and built our own Concrete Shuttering which enables us to carry out reinforced Concrete shaft raises for our client in East Lancashire as and when required.  The design of the Shuttering has proved highly effective, particularly in terms of ensuring a safe method of installation.     [...]

Odour Control Project, Lancashire (Phase 2)


Odour Control Project, Lancashire (Phase 2)   Following works carried out under Phase 1 of this project, one area of site remained susceptible to H²s outbreak.  The uncapped area was an extremely steep banking. Lining of the steep descent presented a challenge in terms of designing a method of installation that ensured [...]

Odour Control Project, Lancashire (Phase 1)


Odour Control Project, Lancashire (Phase 1) Following installation of a Gas Collection System for the site's Gas Operators, we were requested to provide assistance with odour control issues encountered by our client as a result of  an aggressive H²s outbreak. We conducted an assessment of the source and  current extent of the [...]

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