Landfill Remediation, Loughborough


Landfill Remediation, Loughborough Landfill Projects were contracted by Veolia to complete remediation works to Mount Sorrell Landfill Site, Loughborough, comprising:- Decommissioning and removal of Gas Flare Decontamination and removal of redundant Treatment Plant Installation of new Mains Electric Feed Completion of all Civils work re construction of Compound Diversion of existing Gas [...]

Cell Drainage System, Rugby


Cell Drainage System, Rugby We were requested by our client Sapphire Energy Recovery to complete the final stages of a Cell Drainage system at Cotesbach Landfill Site Butt Fusion and installation of 650m 225mm HDPE pipe Installation and profiling of Aggregate Drainage Layer to the base of the Cell Trenching and haunching of Aggregates [...]

Leachate Contract, South Wales


Leachate Contract, South WalesWe were tasked in 2012 to reduce Leachate levels in wells to within compliance levels, and maintain required leachate flow rate to Treatment Plant. To include Service and Maintenance of all Pumps and Pumping Systems.Phases completed to date have resulted in leachate level compliance being maintained since 2012. The previous contractor had [...]

FCC Leachate R&M Contract, North & Central UK Regions


FCC Leachate R&M Contract, North & Central UK Regions We provide a reactive callout service for sites in the Northern and Central regions to cover leachate monitoring, maintenance and repairs. We provide 24h telephone support for site contacts. Our client’s Air Pumps are exchanged for a stock pump and are serviced by our in-house Servicing [...]

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